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Discover the ultimate confidence bundle that seamlessly combines Tuck Kit and Bra Buds. Made in an FDA-registered facility, Tuck Kit is your all-in-one, swim, gym, and life-proof solution. Its ultra-breathable pre-cut rayon & cotton lets you wear your favorite feminine styles—from lingerie to leggings—without a gaff or bulge, and even helps manage unwanted erections if applied while flaccid.

Pair that with Bra Buds, the implant-grade silicone inserts specially designed for trans women. Add up to two cup sizes of real-feel confidence in any outfit, whether it's dresses, bikinis, or sports bras.

Elevate your self-assurance, love your reflection, and live your Trans Joy. Get both products PLUS a Pride Pin in this exclusive bundle and enjoy 18% off. Now, with or without HRT, embrace a gender-affirming silhouette and life-proof comfort all day, every day.
Tuck Kit Details

Confidently & Securely Express Yourself

Guaranteed Swim-Proof & Gym-Proof. Tuck Kit is the only tucking tape product that lasts 4 hours underwater or while exercising, or up to 12 hours when dry. Be ready for beach and pool Gender Euphoria in your bikini or one-piece bathing suit! Tuck Kit even stays tucked up to 2 hours while in a hot tub 

Comfort That Lasts Hours

Breathable and stretchable fabric contours to your body, and then stays for up to 10 hours

Sensitive Skin Approved

Strong but gentle pain-free adhesive is specially formulated to stay in place while also allowing for ouch-free removal. It’s pressure sensitive, so it stays perfectly in place once you press it to your skin 

Exercise-Proof Tuck

One strip is all you need, even during swim, yoga, weightlifting, or squats!

Bathroom Breaks

Protect your sensitive skin with included sterile non-stick cotton pads which allow for easy removal and re-tucking yourself after using the restroom, up to three times per wear. Simply pull down from the back section, and then pull back up to re-apply 

Easy, One-Size Fitting

Because of its patented taper and contour, Tuck Kit can be applied lower or higher on the front of the body to ensure a perfect fit. Happy Tuck Kit customers range from 120 lbs (54 kg) to 300 lbs (136 kg), and everywhere in between. All models are non-op.

Convenient On-The-Go

Each Tuck Kit pack comes with individually wrapped all-in-one Tuck Kits each including a T-Tape strip and a cotton pad. Easily fold one into a purse to bring a spare tuck with you on the go!


Every kit comes with individually packaged single-use T-Tape strips, sterile cotton pads, and an illustrated how-to guide


  • T-Tape is 7.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long and stretches 180% in length to 21 inches
  • Hypoallergenic & Latex free. Cotton & rayon blend
  • Designed in the USA. Patented: US Patent No. D972248S
Bra Buds Details

Unclockable Bra Buds ™ with Implant-Grade Silicone – Created with medical-grade silicone, these bra inserts are soft to touch, resilient, odorless, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and comfortable. Not only are they durable, but they also warm to your body temperature, offering a jiggly, bouncy visual effect for a natural-looking enhancement. Ideal for trans femmes looking to fill out their bras, regardless of whether they're on HRT.

Goldilocks Sizing – Our Bra Buds™️ inserts fit "just right": wider, taller, and thicker than usual inserts, designed with a one-size approach to provide an easy start for trans women filling out their bras. They're straightforward to insert and remove, providing a secure fit that stays in place. If you find they don't fit, no problem! Return them hassle-free thanks to our Happiness Guarantee.

Gentle Comfort, Significant Lift – Bra Buds™️ are designed to be super gentle, making them ideal for those with breast growth sensitivity. Whether you're heading out for a special occasion or simply want to boost your everyday look, our silicone inserts can elevate your silhouette and boost your confidence by increasing your cup size, offering the feminine presence you've always desired.

Easy-to-Clean and Reusable – These bra inserts are easy to maintain. Simply wash with soap and water, and air dry. The included portable storage bag is durable and keeps Bra Buds clean and in top condition for long-term use.

Versatile way to Enhance Your Feminine Style – These versatile inserts can be worn with an array of outfits, including low-cut tops, dresses, wedding gowns, and swimsuits. If you're looking to add volume to your bust without surgery, or need a solution for uneven breasts, these gentle, invisible bra inserts are the perfect choice. Experience the transformation and embrace your femininity with Unclockable's Bra Buds™️.

Pride Pin Details

Celebrate who you are with Power of Pride Pins, by Unclockable. Each stainless steel pin has bright, beautiful colors and a durable enamel finish.

Give A Tuck: Each purchase provides no-cost gender-affirming Tuck Kits to Trans & NB folks across the USA. 

  • Stainless steel
  • 1 inch by 1 inch
  • Hard enamel finish
  • High quality metal closure backing
Happiness Guarantee

At Unclockable, we're not just passionate about our products - we're passionate about you, our amazing customers. We want to make sure you're 100% thrilled with your purchase, every single time.

If something's not quite right, we're here to help! Just reach out to us at We promise to go the extra mile to make things right, whether that's through a swift replacement, exchange, or, if needed, a refund.

Please remember, our Happiness Guarantee is there for you up to 14 days from the date of delivery. After 14 days, we may not be able to offer a refund, but we're always here to find a solution that leaves a smile on your face.

Thank you for choosing Unclockable! Your happiness is our top priority.

Warm regards,

Mitch & Maddie

Always Discreet Shipping & Billing
  • Packaging: A a plain envelope with no Unclockable logo or descriptive wording of any kind on the outside
  • Shipping Label: Shipping labels are addressed from UC Customer Service, with no mention of Unclockable anywhere. Your name will appear as you specified at checkout under shipping details
  • Billing: Orders made through our site will appear as "UC Customer Service" on your billing statement
  • We can ship to PO Boxes! This includes UPS Stores, FedEx stores or any other place that accepts packages that can be held for pickup
  • International Customers: Please note that the customs documentation will say "UC Fulfillment." The label will never say "Tuck Kit" anywhere on the outside of the package

Gender Euphoria

The Best Way To Stay Tucked

With Tuck Kit, stay securely & comfortably tucked flat for up to ten hours. Swim-proof, gym-proof, life-proof. Each single-use strip is designed for incredible comfort with a strong-but-gentle hold, and easy removal for as many as three bathroom breaks per wear. Stays in place through yoga, swim or other intense exercise. Hypoallergenic. Latex free. Designed in The USA. Seeing is believing.

Buy one, we give one.

Gender-affirming shapewear is life-saving. Trans and non-binary folks with access to shapewear and gender-affirming clothing report lower rates of self-harm. 

The Data: 🤓 According to the 2020 National Survey on LGBTQ Mental Health by The Trevor Project, 2 in 5 LGBTQ young adults in the United States have “seriously considered” self harm in the past year. Those with access to shapewear reported fewer such incidents. Products are provided under the care of a parent or guardian, and/or under the supervision of a doctor. Unclockable recommends use only by those 18 and older. Donations made at Unclockable's discretion.

Thoughtfully made. For us, by us.

Hi! I'm Maddie. My father and I founded this company because we believe trans and queer people shouldn’t have to compromise (or improvise!) when it comes to the products we use every day.

Tuck Kit is made in an FDA-Registered Facility. Tuck Kit is hygienic Trans personal care, Invented by a trans woman.

Unboxing & How to Tuck

Tuck Guide for Mobile Tuck Guide for Desktop

Designed for Trans Women

With Bra Buds, this bathroom selfie speaks for itself-ie

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Bra Buds

What are Bra Buds?

Bra Buds are silicone bra inserts specifically designed for Trans Women. They're tools for gender-affirming self-expression, not just physical enhancers. They provide a natural-looking feminine silhouette while offering comfort and confidence.

Are Bra Buds comfortable?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are crafted from medical-grade silicone that is soft, comfortable, and moves naturally with you. They warm to your body and have a weight that's just right, so you can wear them throughout your day with confidence.

What makes Bra Buds different?

Bra Buds stand out for their size, thickness, and quality. They're 28% wider than typical inserts, measuring 5.1 inches compared to the usual 4 inches. This extra width offers a more natural and fuller look. They're also 25% thicker, at 1.25 inches, providing enough volume to add a full 1-2 cup sizes when worn. Moreover, they're taller - 4 inches compared to the standard 3 inches - for enhanced shape and comfort. Made from durable, medical-grade silicone, they're designed to last and feel natural. And let's not forget, they're designed to be as pretty and unique as the trans women who wear them!

Can I swim with Bra Buds?

Absolutely, Bra Buds are ready for swimming, from bikini tops to athletic swim tops. They're designed to be water-resistant and retain their shape and feel, even when wet. Bra Buds perform best with swimwear tops that have a pocket for inserts, but they can also confidently pair with any top that has an underwire or a tight elastic band, as these provide the necessary support to prevent the Bra Buds from slipping. Please note, while Bra Buds enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence during relaxed swimming and lounging, they may not be suitable for strenuous swimming activities like lap swimming. For added security during your water leisure times, we recommend the use of garment tape to keep your Bra Buds perfectly positioned in your swimwear."

How many Bra Buds come in a set?

Each Bra Buds package offers a complete set with two bra inserts: one left bud and one right bud.

Can I wear Bra Buds with any bra?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are versatile and crafted to complement a wide range of bras, adding a natural, full appearance to your look. They are ideal for use with sports bras, everyday bras, and those special occasion pieces in your wardrobe. However, we recommend avoiding the use of Bra Buds with padded bras, as they are already designed to provide additional fullness and using Bra Buds with them may not yield the most comfortable or aesthetically pleasing result. For the best experience, we suggest using Bra Buds with non-padded bras to enhance your silhouette beautifully and comfortably.

Are Bra Buds noticeable under clothing?

Bra Buds are designed to be discreet and natural-looking under any clothing. They mimic the natural feel and movement of real breasts, allowing you to confidently wear any outfit of your choice.

I have sensitive skin. Can I wear Bra Buds?

Absolutely! Bra Buds are made from medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and latex-free, making them safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They are designed to be gentle and comfortable, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Are Bra Buds available in different sizes?

Our design takes the hassle of sizing out the equation. Simply put, Bra Buds fit, or your money back. Thoughtfully designed for trans women with band sizes 34 to 42, their wider and taller design makes them an excellent choice for wider chested trans women, providing a natural-looking fullness and shape that aligns with their body dimensions. This unique feature helps enhance their feminine silhouette while ensuring comfort and confidence in every outfit.

I’m new to bras, and “pre-everything”… will Bra Buds work for me? What bra cup size am I?

If you're just starting out, know that Bra Buds will work for you even if you're not on HRT and don't have any growth yet. They can help you fill out an A cup if you're flat. If you have a bit of fat tissue, that could bring you up to a B cup!

Can wear Bra Buds to sleep?

Yes! We're delighted to confirm that it is both safe and can be quite euphoric to wear the Bra Buds overnight, paired with your favorite bra. For a comfortable overnight experience, we recommend choosing a bra that is snug yet gentle. Racerback bras or soft bralettes are ideal choices, offering coziness enough to hold the Bra Buds in place, while ensuring they're not so tight as to disrupt your restful sleep.

The Bra Buds are meticulously designed to complement your natural shape while providing that extra volume and confidence boost, even as you rest. So, feel free to enjoy the added comfort and assurance they bring as you drift into your dreams.

Tuck Kit

What's a Tuck Kit, and what's T-Tape?

Unclockable invented Tuck Kit, the all-in-one solution for achieving a flat tuck that stays tucked. It's the only swim-proof and gym-proof tucking product. That's all made possible by T-Tape, our patented tucking strips included in each Tuck Kit.

Is Tuck Kit reusable?

Tuck Kit is designed for single use, ensuring you get not only the flattest, most secure tuck but also the most hygienic, high performance tuck possible. Even when swimming or sweating, Tuck Kit guarantees the best waterproof hold. Plus, you can partially remove it from the back end and reapply it up to twice per wear for using the restroom. Made in a sterile, FDA-registered facility, each Tuck Kit ensures the highest standards of safety and quality. By using a fresh kit each time, you can always count on a safe, secure, and comfortable experience.

What about using the bathroom while tucked?

Tuck Kit is designed to be readily and painlessly removable 2-3 times per wear, for restroom use. To use the restroom, simply remove the back portion of the product, pulling down and forward, while being careful to hold it flat. Most find that they can peel and re-apply the back at least once before changing Tuck Kit out for a new one.

Will this hurt? Is it comfortable?

Tucking with Tuck Kit is pain-free, by design. We use a soft, sterile cotton pad and hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive— both are clinical grade, and super breathable. The result is a product that stays put, but also moves with you and will never tug harshly on the skin when removed.

Can I swim while tucked with Tuck Kit? Is it waterproof?

Yes! Our Tuck Kit keeps your parts private during swim. Even during intense lap swimming. You can swim with the product applied for up to 4 hours. Before swimming, make sure you've waited 20-30 minutes for the product to set against your skin. Before application, make sure your skin is towel-dried and clean of any oils, lotions, or creams.

Do I have to shave to use T-Tape?

Nope! But you may need to trim. Our product is tested to work well with up to 2mm of hair, which is about the thickness of two credit/debit cards stacked on top of one another. Of course, for the absolute best results and easiest removal, bald is beautiful.

I’m tucking for the first time. Will Tuck Kit work for me?

Yes! Whether it’s your first time tucking, or you’ve been doing this for years, we’ve designed Tuck Kit to be easy, comfortable, and pain-free. Just follow the instructions in our Tuck Guide, go slow, and try on some Gender Euphoria! Happiness is guaranteed.

I wear plus-size clothes, will Tuck Kit fit me?

Because of its patented taper and contour, Tuck Kit can be applied lower or higher on the front of the body to ensure a perfect fit. Happy Tuck Kit customers range from 120 lbs (54 kg) to 300 lbs (136 kg), and everywhere in between. T-Tape is 7.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long and stretches 180% in length to 21 inches.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use T-Tape?

We designed Tuck Kit with sensitive skin in mind. It's 100% latex-free, and we use a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive that's clinical grade and breathable. The product stays put, but also moves with you and wont tug harshly on the skin when removed. If you can use adhesive bandages, you can use T-Tape. That said, everyone's skin is different. We recommend you test T-Tape on a small patch of skin before applying in full.

How do I tuck with T-Tape?

New here? Check out our Tuck Guide >

Is T-Tape good for working out? Can I wear T-Tape at the gym, on a run, during yoga, or cycling?

Yes. Our Tuck Kit stays put. Thanks to its patented design and firm-but-gentle adhesive, it contours to your body, is designed not to chafe (ouch!) and moves with you. Whether it's running, cycling, yoga, skateboarding, aerial silks, or hang-gliding... whatever you do, our Tuck Kit is for you! Guaranteed.

How long and how often can I tuck?

How long or how often you tuck is up to you, and your individual goals. Our Tuck Kit can maintain a flat tuck for up to 10 hours, with 2-3 partial removals for bathroom breaks. We don't recommend tucking for more than 12 hours at a time or more than 4 days in a row. Product is not intended to be used overnight.

Are there any health concerns with tucking?

Yes. Tucking of any kind can affect your fertility. We do recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting a tucking regimen.

What's the difference between the first Tuck Kit and Tuck Kit 2?

Tuck Kit 2 provides 2X the adhesive area for a more secure tuck that stays for up to 12 hours, 20% longer than the first Tuck Kit. Tuck Kit 2 also features a 40% larger and more shapely cotton pad for a more comfortable fit.

What is tucking?

"Tucking is a technique whereby an individual hides the crotch bulge of the penis and testicles so that they are not conspicuous through clothing. The practice is most commonly employed by transgender women in order to pass as cisgender female, as well as cisgender men that do drag." — Wikipedia

Orders & Shipping

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Yes! We take your privacy and safety seriously, and we guarantee discreet shipping on every order.

What to expect:

  • Packaging:  We ship all orders in one of the following ways: 1) a plain white or beige USPS Priority branded box with no Unclockable logos or descriptive wording on the outside or 2) a plain envelope with an Amazon logo also with no Unclockable logo or descriptive wording on the outside
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  • International Customers: Please note that the customs documentation will say "UC Fulfillment." The label will never say "Tuck Kit" anywhere on the outside of the package
How will this show up on my billing statement? Do you offer discreet payment?

Every order comes with Guaranteed Discreet Payment. Orders made through our site will appear as "UC Customer Service" on your credit card billing statement. There will be a phone number, by law, and calling that takes you to our Unclockable customer service line, so please be mindful of that.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It all depends how close you are to our fulfillment centers. It can take anywhere from 2-7 business days, from order to door. You can always find your tracking info by visiting the Shipping Confirmation email that we send when your order ships. Friends in Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories: you may see shipment windows of 1-2 weeks. International order delivery windows vary by region, and we are making efforts to shorten our delivery times.

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What is your refund & replacement policy?

We offer a Happiness Guarantee on all of our products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase in the first 14 days for any reason, we'll provide a refund, not including the cost of shipping. If your order arrives damaged, take photos and contact us at for a complimentary replacement.

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About our Company

How did you choose the name Unclockable?

Tucking is done for many reasons and they all come down to keeping parts private. Whether it's to ease discomfort, boost confidence in one's gender expression, for social reasons, or as performance art, the idea for those who choose to tuck is straightforward: out of sight, out of mind. We chose a name that acknowledges this and helps communicate the peace of mind our product offers.

For trans women, tucking can be a matter of personal safety. Concerns about "passing" or "being clocked" —a term which essentially means, standing out in an undesired way— can be a source of worry. Our hope is to inspire confidence for those who are concerned with "passing" (which not all trans women are.)

How are you different from other brands?

We don't just sell a roll of tape and ask our customers to figure it out. We invent on behalf of our customers. We’re the only brand focused on trans personal care. Founded by a trans woman, we know the unique challenges trans women face in their daily lives. Tucking is often an ordeal and can even be painful if done improperly. Our patented tucking solution offers ease, comfort, and safety in an all-in-one product that's designed to make tucking less of a chore.

How can I try samples?

While we don’t offer samples or trial packages, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason in the first 14 days, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

Do you have a subscription service?

We have discontinued our subscription offer. Existing customers can still pause, cancel, or edit anytime. Repeat customers can now save with our rewards program and free shipping in the continental US on orders over $25.

Where can I purchase your products? (other than this website)

The Unclockable Tuck Kit is available here on our website, as well as on Amazon.

You can also purchase Tuck Kits at the following international retailers:

Patin-A-Shop (Germany)

Labophyto (France)

Urbasics (Canada)

Venus Envy (Canada)

Caya Co (Canada)

Up to 10 Hours of Comfort

  • Proprietary Knit with super stretch
  • Natural Fibers of cotton and rayon
  • Moisture-wicking keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Breathable and Stretchable, contours to your body
  • Comfortably Stays for up to 10 hours
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free & gentle adhesive backing